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Advetising Decode board

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1.Product Overview

This board is two-in-one board (decoding+LCD Controller) ,It use MST chipset ,this chip included 3D Comb Filter and 3D Deinterlace , thus it can better interlace demodulation out various input signal .also it have the powerful audio/video processing function, and can output high quality image and good tone quality .

This board have Two USB interface ,It can support Picture /Music / Video Playback .Support HD(1080P) Picture and Video decoding .Support 1920 X 1200 Full HD LVDS Signal output . also have a 2 X 6W Powerful audio output .

Energy saving, low standby power consumption less than 3 W.

Main parameters:



Support Format


Video Format



Picture Format


Music Format




Video Decode

MAX resolution


Color Depth


Maximum frame rate


MAX Data Rate

USB2.0 device:30Mb/s


Audio Decode

Sampling rate


Bit Rate

32kbps ~ 384kbps

Power supply

DC12V /300mA

Power consumption


< 3W

USB Transmission speed

USB2.0,Max 480Mbps


123mm(L) x 87.3mm(W) x 19mm(H)

2. Product Features Description

1.Use MSTAR chipset solution6M182VGseries of multimedia special decoder chip,Low power consumption ,the high frequency performance,Fast speed ,Strong anti-interference ability.
2.Power connector : Can select only DC12 V Power supply or DC12V /5V/5VSB Power supply .

3.Support various of memory device :Support Two USB devices (default) or One USB device and one CF/SD (Optional: Need to buy Extension USB to CF/SD card module), support hot swap.

4.OSD Language: Support Chinese, English .Other languages can be customized .

5.Remote Control: Support Infrared Remote Control.(Best way to control the board ).

6.Clock display: Build in Clock IC . Time & Date information can be showed on the screen.

7.Audio output: two-channel stereo audio output 2X6W, SNR 85dB.

8.LVDS output :Support 1080P full HD output . Can drive LCD panel directly. Support LCD panel with LVDS interface and 3.3V/5V/12V working voltage .Resolution can be within 1920X1200.

9.Rolling subtitles: Supports to show some rolling subtitles at the bottom of the screen . Such as : real time news , Notice , advertising ,etc .

10,Play mode: Repeat all the filesRepeat current fileSequential & order playback(Default).

11,Play type: All files,Video,Music,Photo, Photo+Background music.

12. Support OTG copy function: USB On-The-Go . 6M182VG will automatic copy the files from USB device to anothCF/SD card . You can selected cover(Delete all the files and then copy the new files through USB device) or addition (Retain all the files and copy the new files which with different name from USB device