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4K LCD controller board

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4k resolution lcd controller board support 4K LCD panel with 3840*2160

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RTD279513 V1.0


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RTD279513 a multi-purpose LCD controller board which support 4K UHD resolution LCD panel with eDP signal interface . The input signal support 2HDMI+2DP. The output signal support 8 Lanes eDP or 8 Lanes V-by-one, 1DP Loop out is optional.


RTD279513 V1.0 support Audio feature, It can support Audio signal direct input from HDMI or DP signal . The output can be from a 2X10W() speaker or earphone .


RTD279513 V1.0 Support HDR10 (High-Dynamic Range)technology, compared with the ordinary images, can provide more Dynamic Range and image details, according to the different exposure time of LDR(Low Dynamic Range) image, using each exposure time corresponding to the best details of the LDR images to HDR image synthesis, in the end, can better reflect the visual effect in the real environment.


RTD279513 V1.0 Support the FreeSync 2 technology of AMD graphics card, improve the Tearing and stuck issue ,finally improved thepicture quality .