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Standard LCD LVDS

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LVDS LCD Panel cable

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•LCD monitor

•Advertising machine

•Industrial machine

•Security monitor


•Projection equipment

•Maintenance equipment

•Test display LCD screen

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Product Description


This cable is design for DN2800MT/D2700MT/DH61AG/DQ77KB/D2500CC Intel Mini -ITX motherboard which include ACES 88341-40 LVDS connector.Now ,We have mass production for this type of LVDS cable .It can meet to many type of LCD/LED panel which with LVDS interface.Such as :7',10",13.3 ",14",14.1",15.6"etc.


We also can customized the connerctot which can meet to your LCD/LED panel .You only need to let us know model number of your panel .

Here is some information for your reference ,please have a check to see if this cable can meet your project :

1.Definition for motherboard LVDS connector:

Part number for motherboard LVDS connector:

40Pin ACES 88441-40xx

Part number for match connector:

40Pin ACES 88441-40xx or Starconn*107F40




 Note :DN2800MT/D2700MT/DH61AG/DQ77KB/D2500CC support Dual-channel 8bit LVDS signal output .Also ,It supports LVDS internal flat panel displays up to 1920*1200 at 60HZ .So if your panel with LVDS  signal interface and resolution within 1920*1200,You can use our LVDS cable to make a connection between your motherboard and your panel .No need additional LCD controller board to driver your LCD/LED panel .


2. Definition for LCD/LED Panels LVDS connector :

Part number for LCD/LED Panel’s LVDS connector :

IPEX 20455-040E-12/ Starconn 111A40-000RA-G3 / Tyco 5-2069716-3/UJU IS050-L40B-C10/LSMtron GT05Q-40S-H10 and other Compatible connector

Part number for matching connector:

IPEX 20353/20453/20454/20455-040T-11 or equivalent


Note : If this cable can't meet to your project ,Don't worry . Please contact to us and let us know your requirement . If you have a large quantity ,We can customized most of LCD panel cable follow your requirement . Usually ,Customized panel cable require MOQ up to 100 piece .

3.Real pictures :





 4. Application With DN2800MT Motherboard and M215HGE-L10 21.5"LED panel :


 Connection for all the parts


Connection with LCD panel

Connection with Motherboard

Label for LCD panel