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Advertising machines DIY

Lcd Advertising machines are a new generation of intelligent devices that use standard liquid crystal display and LCD televisions to display information and broadcast video advertisements through networking and multimedia system control. Advertising machine mainly realize building/outdoor lcd advertising display: refers to commercial buildings, supermarkets, campuses and other channels, in the form of LCD or LCD Screen Commercial Terminal Advertising System, to broadcast TV ads and other programs as a means of expression. Mainly includes 8 kinds of main channels: Commercial Buildings, supermarket, aviation terminal, Hospital Pharmacy, outdoor large LCD, public transport, school campus, train station, other channels.

CAISONLCD lcd screen suppliers new product Advertising machines DIY has the advantages of Advertising machines DIY and so on. It is made of raw materials which have passed the tests conducted by our QC inspectors, ensuring the high quality of the product. Also, designed by our creative design team, the product has an appearance which is unique and eye-catching.

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