DIY Stretched Bar LCD monitor


Stretched Bar LCD monitor and lcd panel

This new product Stretched Bar LCD monitor and lcd panel is manufactured based on clients' needs and industry trends. To make it outstanding in its look, we adopt the innovative concept based on the latest trend to design its external structure. Also, its internal structure is highlighted to guarantee its performance. It has the overall advantages of Stretched Bar LCD display and lcd panel.

Bar Screen length and height can be customized according to your project size, our bar size ultra-thin, high brightness, long display life, waterproof, good heat dissipation, indoor and outdoor can beused. APPLICABLE FIELDS: bus, subway, airport, shopping mall, Security Monitoring, command and dispatch center, Exhibition Center Display System, multimedia teaching, government units, school studio, Video Conference System, multi-function display hall, entertainment place, restaurant, publicity display, brand, store image display, television stations, corporate showrooms and so on.

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