DIY Transparent OLED


Transparent OLED displays, organic OLED screens that are self-luminous and transparent, are made of OLED, but with a transparent process, just like the transparent screens in the movies.

Basic introduction Transparent OLED display Features: 1. Inherent characteristics of OLED, high contrast, wide color gamut, etc.; 2. Display content can be seen in both positive and negative directions. 3. Non-luminous pixels show high transparency, which can realize virtual reality superimposed display; 4. Driving mode is the same as ordinary OLED. Scope of application: Widely used in exhibition, building exterior glass, entertainment industry, medical and industrial products, military helmet protective pieces, home security and other fields, can also be used in fire fighting and rescue and other fields. Current development: In June 2015, the 55-inch transparent OLED display [1] was mass-produced, which was the first transparent OLED display.

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